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My heartfelt  thank you goes out to the "guardian angel" that crossed our path at the baseball game.   Laura Waller, with your simple advice and direction, our daughter's life was changed!

Thank you  Janet Kirwan of SARRC.  I was a complete stranger to you, but you gave me undivided attention on the phone and coached me on the IEP process.  Because of your guidance, my daughter  successfully   received State & Federal financial assistance for valuable  therapies and services.

I would like to acknowledge Raising Special Kids for including me as one of their parent-to-parent support volunteers.  There is no greater sense of fulfillment than being able to reach out and help other families!

Thanks  to our  principals ( J. Brammer, D. Malone),  developmental preschool teachers (M. Romens, C. Hill), elementary school teachers (K. Nordine, K. Brown, L. Costello, M. Moheit) , aides (Ms. Grayson, Ms. Shelly, Ms. Hess, Ms. Farmer, Ms Crystal-Patti, Ms. LaRosa,  Ms. Donna, Ms. Barb), school support specialists (V. Cantrill, P. Krom), speech therapists (R. Bonno, V. Cantrill, T. Wheeler, D. Brodfuehrer), occupational therapists (D. Slaybaugh, M. Marino, S. Lossing, M. Galbraith), DDD Support Specialist (S. Shirley), doctors/psychologists (Dr. David Kleiner, Dr. J Altman, Dr. A Leverant, Dr. D Wilcox & staff, Dr. Robin Blitz, Mildred Crawley, PhD.), and let's not forget our busdriver  and  dear friend, Mr. Ray  Schmieder-you're like another Grandfather to us!

All of you have made our daughter's life richer!

   Thank you  Dr. David Kleiner & staff (Debbie) - you were the key factor in the early diagnosis of our daughter's arthritis.  You also make routine blood-draws less stressful.  Thank you Dr. Paul Howard & staff for managing most every other aspect of care!  You have a direct and compassionate approach. Thanks to Dr. Andreas Reiff for literally helping our daughter "grow"!  Thank you to the Arthritis Foundation for their informative support and fun camps!

Thanks to Ronda Johnson for taking the  little vision  I had in my head and transforming it into a logo which symbolizes the girls so perfectly!

Thank you family members & friends (Ron, Grace, Dick, Nancy, Margaret, Jamey, Marnie, and Chris)- you have picked me up when I thought I could no longer stand! You have taught me to be positive,  and I am learning the importance of appreciating progress in the form of "baby steps".  You have served as a sounding board for all my crazy ideas!

I want to especially thank my husband, son, and daughters for their patience and understanding.  I know I have sacrificed precious time away from you while creating this website.  May you find comfort knowing that it was for a great cause!  Together, we can make a difference! I love you all...                           

                                           Dawn Kurbat











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