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This website was designed by a parent for parents!  My mission is to educate and support parents of children with "special needs"-especially those of preschoolers.  I will provide you with an overview of many available community resources & events such as developmental preschool screenings,  parent workshops, support groups, literature, links and more!

Suggestions  are provided regarding how to successfully apply for financial assistance through agencies such as  DDD & ALTCS.  If your child is found eligible, this may offset the costs of  therapy.  In addition,  information related to juvenile  rheumatoid arthritis will be made available.



Are you concerned about a preschooler that may have delays or difficulties in the following areas?

Physical & Motor Development

Cognitive Development

Speech & Language  

Vision & Hearing

Psycho-Social Skills

Sensory Integration

Is the child growing or learning slower than other kids the same age, or does the child have a hard time learning, or has the child been diagnosed with a disability?

There may be help available to you...



Is your child 1 of the 4,000 kids in Arizona suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)


1 of the 300,000 kids nationwide who are challenged by arthritis and related conditions?

There is support for you...


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